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Marey Tankless Hot Water Heater Propane Gas 2.0 GPM 1-2 Bath House

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  • Product Description

    Tankless Hot Water Heater Propane Gas 2.0 GPM - Features

    • Perfect for 1 -2 Bath Homes (based on 80° water temp.)
    • Can be Installed with your current Propane Gas Installation 
    • No Electricity Needed (uses 2 D replaceable batteries - not included) 
    • Compact design saves space compared to tank water heater 
    • Industry leading 5 year Warranty


    Satisfy your need for hot water and saving energy through your whole house (based on 80° water temp.) with Marey's 2.0 GPM Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater. Save bundles off electricity bills and add that to the water saving functions of a tankless heater and you have the perfect green solution for your small home, Rv, Office or apartment. So why not use your current Liquid Propane installation and install a tankless water heater that's so compact it will fit right into your small home? It doesn't even use electricity to start, just replaceable D cell batteries. Just like most Marey Heaters it lets you adjust water activation flow and the amount of heat for maximum comfort. Although it's recommended that a professional installation is done, it's easy to install and comes with instructions on how to do it. Last but not least, it includes an industry leading 5 year warranty. Not that you'll need it, after all Marey has been making tankless water heaters for over 55 years. 

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    *Free return shipping will be provided for items within 30 days of purchase and that have received troubleshooting assistance by Marey technical support. Free return shipping will not be provided for incorrectly installed units or mistaken purchase. Ecostoredepot reserves the right to refuse return shipping for any unit that does not follows these guidelines. 

    Whats in the Box?

    Included  with your brand new Tankless Water  Heater:

    Shower Head

    • The  best Compact Gas Water Heater on the Market
    • Installation Manual
    • All mounting screws


    How Safe Is it?

    Some  of Marey's Water Heaters Safety Features  Include:

    • Auto  Ignition and Gas Off
    • Automatic over Heating Shut Down
    • Anti-Dry Protection
    • Doesn't have a Pilot Light
    • High Pressure Shut Down
    • Gas Shuts Off Automatically if needed

    Reliable Quality You'll Love

    Built to Work and Last

    • Doesn't  Use Electricity (requires 2 D Batteries - not included)
    • Only uses Gas when you're using hot water.
    • Rust Proof Construction makes it leak Proof too
    • Will heat an unlimited amount of water
    • You control water flow and temperature



    *This item was previously marketed as a 1.5 GPM unit. Recent Independent Laboratory testing has certified the same unit as 2.0 GPM tankless water heater.  Please note that older boxes may still have the 1.5 information on the label. 

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    1. Incredible Value -Nearly 1 year since installation

      This water heater is an incredible bargain. I installed this myself nearly a year ago and after getting it adjusted correctly, it has operated flawlessly ever since. I am not sure how long the batteries (2 D size) last, but decided to replace them every 6 months. There on only two of us using this so we do 2-3 loads of wash a week, and run the dishwasher daily. What's great, is when we don't need hot water, we are no keeping any hot.

      The response to any hot water faucet is instant and doesn't take any longer than any other type of water heater to get hot water to the faucet! The water gets real hot quickly so it's best to mix in some cold before putting your hands under it. Sure, you can turn the temperature down on the unit, but we like real hot water for the dishwasher and kitchen sink.

      Certainly it has shown us savings in the cost of propane gas use because we replaced a regular 40 gallon gas water heater that operated 24/7 even when we were away for the day, weekend, or week! Why keep hot water hot for extended hours, days or weeks??

      The installation instructions are adequate but not super easy, however, you can call them if you have a question and a plumber technician will help you with any questions you might have. The Marey company (servicing the U.S. from Texas) is incredibly friendly and helpful and they go all out for customer satisfaction!
      on 19th Mar 2015

    2. Expédition rapide

      Expédition rapide, j'ai obtenu ce que j'ai commandé on 22nd Jul 2013

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  • Warranty Information

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Other Details

    GPM: 2.0
    Max Temp. Increase: 40° Fahrenheit / 4.4 Celsius
    Vent Type: Flue Duct
    Vent Size: 4"
    Chimney Type Recommended: Galvanized or Stainless Steel
    BTU / hr: 34,614
    Related Gas Pressure (PSI): 0.3
    Water Pressure: 3.6 - 145 PSI
    Energy Efficiency: 54% - 87%
    Ignition: Electric Pulse, D Cell Battery Powered
    Type: Propane Tankless Water Heater